First day

First day was awesome, did some paperwork, then got my swipy thing, name badge, uni, etc.Did a quick orientation about hazardous chemicals etc, met people….

Oh, SO crazy, the other assistant aquarist who is overlapping wit me. I met her, then I thought, “I’ve met her before”. but I couldn’t figure out where. Then I asked her where I met her, she didnt know, and we started asking eachother where she’s been, what school she went to etc,
and it turns out, I met her in New England Aquarium in Boston when I did my internship, while she did hers too!! Such a small world. Shadowed feeding sevengill sharks, and pacific rays.I love love love it so far.

I biked to work today, and it was the first time biking on the bike trail here.
I don’t know how else to say it, but seriously, I’m so lucky!!!

Biking to work along the beach and seeing bunch of baby sealions etc., I thought ‘life is good…….’

Luck and everything has been going so well for me recently it’s almost scary…


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