Waiting for a back physical for my new job. Just finished my official last day of volunteering at the aquarium.. Kinda sad but Now I get paid for what I do! That means I’m a pro huh sweet…

Had to do a physical evaluation before this and i had to do a bunch of things like lift a heavy box and carry it and stuff.. I’m a little tired.. Haha how sad.
Moving sunday and starting Monday! Woot!

I haven’t written at all about Hawaii adventures so I’m gonna write now.
Ty named us the micro disaster girls because we are full of happenings…
The highlight is prob chiharu getting on the bus alone while I had her purse and cell phone and everything, and all she had was a sad looking dorky deflated floaty tube… Me throwing up in our bedroom(sink tho!), taking 1.5 hours to go to a closed restaurant, chiharu falling asleep while walking (drool), were some of the few things that made the trip epic.. Snorkeling was awesome, aquarium(ofcourse) was awesome, food drink and dinner show wad awesome. Yay. Back to reality although reality is about to change real quick!!!


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