turtle luck?

I must have it because I have been super lucky with working with turtles.

First i got to do some turtle feeding due to a misunderstanding,
Then a set of baby turtles come into quarantine where I get to work in,

Then, my shift gets switched so that I work in the exhibit they are going in next week..!

that should be exciting…


Visit to california academy of science, and visitors at MBA

Yesterday I went to the California academy of science for the first time since the remodeling. for free!:D

I got some tickets through the aquarium and I was going to sf to pick josh up, so I was like How perfect would it be…
So glad i finally made it.
It was really cool, i like their exhibits (makes me want to start working in exhibits department) some cool animals… a fun time.

It was funny, right when i pointed my camera at the turkey vulture it posed for me… and waited in that position until i was satisfied.

Today was my Monday, and Gary came to the aqarium-. I had fun showing them around although I felt bad for being in such a rush, but I hope they had a great time at the aquarium:). It was kind of the first time showing ppl behind the scenes on my own so it was exciting.

Today and yesterday, I watched ppl’s faces light up with wonder and excitement when they looked at exhibits etc., and it made me think about where I started. I started to pursue this job from the small things that really amazed me at aquariums. Even though I am in a temporary status, I am fortunate to be able to be part of inspiring about ocean and conservation, and I want to work my rest of my term without forgetting that feeling.

A little cheesy, i kno. :p
the end

Turtle babies

We got turtle babies:)
They’re in quarantine for now And it’s one of my areas it should be fun. So many turtles…

I need to wake up even earlier tomorrow—- I wish I’m a morning person…
And tomorrow is my Friday- one more week done..want to be mote comfortable with everything already!!

Teenager geese

They are growing so fast!! Already looks like Canada goose. But still have fuzzy hair on their head. Still wit mom and dad.

Today was my Saturday. And I volunteered for my tunnies. Got
Into the tank to catch a few for the first time:) love seeing them upclose<3

One week done

My friday is here! It was a short week but lots to absorb.. I learned a lot but I kinda messed up on remembering what’s on my schedule today…

Gotta set up a calendar or something starting next week. It was the last day of one person and had a department lunch. I really liked her so I’m kinda bummed out she’s leaving.. :/ o well I’m sure our paths will meet again if we stay in the field.
got to meet more ppl at the lunch and found more connections. Having a Japanese background in this field is kind of a benefit I think because japan is such an aquarium kingdom and u can’t talk aquarium without talking about japan. It was fun listining to the stories of ppl here going to japan and experiencing the aquariums there.

also, everyday I realize how big the aquarium is and how advanced it is! So much of the stuff done here is controlled by computers it’s crazy!
No wonder this aquarium is called world class…I know for a fact I would not run out o things to learn here. Even if I stayed here for much longer than 3 months.. Anyways time to enjoy my weekend although I’m volunteering tomorrow for my tunas!

Pics of the sealions I bike by on my way to work

Day 2

The Internet is down at the house… I can’t do anything… What to do…

Second day was pretty eventful went to Santa Cruz to pick up sardines for a new project(which sounds awesome). Did touch tank stuff, quarantine, and fed seaturtles! Man, i didnt think they are so cool..learning a lot, and talking to ppl more and more, and slowly but surely getting comfortable with the new workplace.

Gotta figur out a way to manage my time more so I have time to work after work, and get some studying done. Glad I moved because i would have had even less time if I commuted…