I’m a mac

Last night, I had a dream that my fish would just swim out of my fish tank, and just fly around in my room.
Then when I go feed them, they come back to the tank to eat. It was SO cool.
I was thinking “they must have figured it out since i always keep the lid open.”
I was so excited that my fish are special, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone that my room was super cool with live fish decorating the space that is otherwise filled with nothing.

Then I woke up and I was so bummed out. Pure bummed out. Like, man…. that would have been so cool…:(

My point? I don’t know haha.

It was kind of a fresh feeling because as I grew up, you stop having that pure disappointment of “man I really wanted that ice cream.” or “man I wanted to play outside for much longer.” disappointment are usually much more complicated

p.s. I got a macbook pro:D


3 thoughts on “I’m a mac

  1. Eri, how many times have I told you only eat mushrooms from the store not ones you find when you are out hiking!!!! 🙂

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