This week, my friend Gary introduced me to a pianist Hiromi Uehara, who I have seen on TV once before. I didn’t really know that she was so big, and thanks to youtube I quickly fell in love with her.  Then my brother happened to be in the bathroom when I was listening (which now that I think about it not so much of a coincidence haha) happened to know that she is in town, and and super spontaneously, we all decided to go see her.

Last night was my first real jazz concert. I’ve always wanted to go to Yoshi’s jazz club/japanese restaurant(sorry for crappy picture), and I’ve been waiting for the right time, but seriously, I couldn’t think of a more PERFECT time… It was so meant to be.
I really didn’t know Jazz could be so interesting. I’ve never really gotten into it listening to it especially on a recording, but man, live jazz is so fun! I felt like a weirdo smiling the whole time.. The unpredictability of their performance is what makes it so interesting I think.

I haven’t really been getting enough music recently, so it was a great chance to recharge my battery. 🙂

初めてのYoshi’s ジャズバー。スタンリークラークバンドfeat. 上原ひろみさん。凄かった!!


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