Tomales Bay

We’ve been talking about going to tomales bay for some oysters for a while but we finally did it for eLo’s birthday today.

This placetomales bay oyster company sells oysters right by the beach, then we bring all the picnic stuff we want to bring, and we can use their bbq pits and have a picnic there. It was a little cold but it was so awesome:)

So glad it worked out.

Why are oysters so yummy?

also, why do they sometimes make me sick?

my stomach wasn’t happy on the way home, but I think I’m good now… Although my ears were ringing a little weird.. owell.

Happy birthday eLo!

My uncle just emailed me about his book being translated and being published in Taiwanese, and mentioned that my picture is in it. I asked, “do you mean picture of me  or picture I took?” and he returned the email with a copy of the page attached to it. It’s a picture of me!

Haha. It’s the picture that was taken of the traveling touch tank  at Kids day in Alaska.

Apparently, he forgot to ask my permission. Sigh, one more country I have to worry about being a famous in…  haha.

I wish i can read the caption. Can anyone read it?


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