Sometimes work can be so repetitious and boring…….
Taking a break from repetitious work. -_-

Yesterday, I went to the vet because Pepper started limping really bad since Monday. It’s been decided that she will have another surgery pretty soon:(.

She had surgery on her right leg last year, and there was a small chance the same thing would happen to her left after her surgery, and it looks like it did. So bummed out. At least this time, I will be here in California to take care of her.

Some pics from Monday:

This one’s for carmel

I don’t really know how but this picture turned out really weird. but kinda cool in a weird way.  You can see the steller’s Jay on the left. He’s probably telling us not to go towards the rattlesnake.

cioppino @ Whole Enchilada in Moss Landing. It was delicious:9


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