This week is “Golden week” in Japan, so the company took a day off, so I went hiking with parents to Big Sur.

ok.. I’m just going to get to the point.

My mom stepped on a rattlesnake!!!!!

It was SO frightening, my dad saw her step on it and realized it was a snake, then it started rattling, then it was like AHHHH!!!

I don’t know HOW it didn’t go bite her, but the whole looong experience that I’m not gonna write about here was just so so terrifying.

I guess some of the trails were closed, and we didnt really realize it, then it took a while for us to get back on track, and hence, rattlesnake.

The crazy thing is,,, like 3 days ago we were talking about what dream we had, and my mom was saying that she had a dream that she saw a snake and got bit by one. and we were saying “wonder what that means, maybe your afraid go go somewhere you’re not supposed to” or something, and geez three days later we see a freaking rattlesnake. What are the chances. Dream come true, but I’m glad the part where she got bit didn’t come true…
Just thinking about it makes me really uneasy.

SO SO SO SOSOSOSO glad she’s ok.

How many people can say they’ve stepped on a rattle snake in their life??
What a crazy experience.

Lesson: hiking can be very very dangerous. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

I don’t know why but I’ve been going hiking a lot recently. and this day kinda wore me out.. I think I’ll take it easy a little.


2 thoughts on “rattlesnake

  1. Glad she is okay, our local rattle snake is not that dangerous she would have had plenty of time to get medical attention had she been bit. There was one at my house yesterday-I only heard it, I did not see it, though I did go looking.

  2. Really, that’s a little comforting to hear.
    I really thought about the importance of knowing what to do in the rare case you encounter one or get bit by one.
    Geez you have one at your house? be careful!

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