A place to live in Monterey:)

Got pretty lucky I think. It’s like 15 min bike ride from the aquarium, and there’s a nice bike path so I think I’m gonna bike to work. It would be good for me.

The only thing is, I don’t have a bike. I need to get me one.

One just like this.

Forget making new friends, I want this bike!


Couch potato

Caught in the act… She knows she has authority over me so she hops on the couch only when I’m the only one home…

But really pepper, you just had surgery do u reeeeaaally need to hop on the couch?? Plus, this posture doesn’t look so comfy….

First post from iPhone let’s see if it works….

I’m a mac

Last night, I had a dream that my fish would just swim out of my fish tank, and just fly around in my room.
Then when I go feed them, they come back to the tank to eat. It was SO cool.
I was thinking “they must have figured it out since i always keep the lid open.”
I was so excited that my fish are special, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone that my room was super cool with live fish decorating the space that is otherwise filled with nothing.

Then I woke up and I was so bummed out. Pure bummed out. Like, man…. that would have been so cool…:(

My point? I don’t know haha.

It was kind of a fresh feeling because as I grew up, you stop having that pure disappointment of “man I really wanted that ice cream.” or “man I wanted to play outside for much longer.” disappointment are usually much more complicated

p.s. I got a macbook pro:D


It’s been 5 days since the surgery, and pepper is recovering Super well. compared to the surgery she got last year on her other leg, the difference is like night and day. Her appetite is awesome from the start, energetic, and already starting to use her leg.

First day she was squeeek squeeek noooon stop, then gradually less and less squeek. Still squeeks though and it has been hard to get any work done this week because of the squeeking. -_- Super happy with her recovery though.

Good news..

Two of them.

Pepper’s surgery went real well, and she’s recovering much quicker than her last surgery. She ate the day of which was surprising,  and maybe because of that she already limped over on her own to go to the bathroom. We have to be careful though because she’s  already trying to put some weight on her fixed knee and it’s too early for that.

She’s squeaking like crazy still and it hurts to watch, but so glad to know that she is getting better now. Thanks so much for those that have kept her in her thoughts:)

Second news is,,,

I got a call from HR at the aquarium, and I got the aquarist position I have been applying to!
I will be starting mid-June.  excited!

I’ve been working towards this goal for 4 years now by doing internships (4) and volunteering at places, so it’s a feeling hard to describe. Especially when it’s an aquarium with such a good reputation. Super honored.

I’m not nervous because I think I’m ready for it, so I think it’s more of a feeling of accomplishment for achieving something that have been my goal.

It’s a temp position of 3 months, so it would be interesting to see where I want to be or how I feel after that.

Hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate my graphics interest to it somehow too. It would be a great experience.

Thanks everyone for supporting me even at times of dissappointments. I made it! yay:)

—–p.s. My mom congratulated me by secretly going and getting sushi. how ironic.. haha


お世話になった皆さんのおかげです。 3ヶ月期間のポジションだけど、精一杯がんばります!


This week, my friend Gary introduced me to a pianist Hiromi Uehara, who I have seen on TV once before. I didn’t really know that she was so big, and thanks to youtube I quickly fell in love with her.  Then my brother happened to be in the bathroom when I was listening (which now that I think about it not so much of a coincidence haha) happened to know that she is in town, and and super spontaneously, we all decided to go see her.

Last night was my first real jazz concert. I’ve always wanted to go to Yoshi’s jazz club/japanese restaurant(sorry for crappy picture), and I’ve been waiting for the right time, but seriously, I couldn’t think of a more PERFECT time… It was so meant to be.
I really didn’t know Jazz could be so interesting. I’ve never really gotten into it listening to it especially on a recording, but man, live jazz is so fun! I felt like a weirdo smiling the whole time.. The unpredictability of their performance is what makes it so interesting I think.

I haven’t really been getting enough music recently, so it was a great chance to recharge my battery. 🙂

初めてのYoshi’s ジャズバー。スタンリークラークバンドfeat. 上原ひろみさん。凄かった!!