so many banana slugs

Lazy sunday.

Slept for about 10 hours, sipping on my second cup of cofee, and eating cookies.

AND I don’t feel a bit guilty about it today because I went hiking two days in a row:)

Yesterday I went on a 6 mile semi reunion hike with friends I met in Alaska@ the university I went to.

On the way to the trail, we walked across the school. The school changed quite a bit and it made me feel super old! It was definitely a weird feeling walking on the campus where I spent close to 5 years of my life at, with the people that I spent my Alaskan experience with.

Hike was good, lots of climbing, lots of banana slugs (we saw like a hundred), and lots of poison oak. I got paranoid but it looks like I’m clear. whew!

Halley’s internship is almost over here, and saying bye reminded me of the feeling I had when I left Alaska and had to say bye to everyone. That bittersweet feeling.  So glad  she happened to come to California, and we got to hang out again:) So glad I went to Alaska for my internship.  Have fun in Alaska again Halley!!




2 thoughts on “so many banana slugs

  1. Looks like a fun time and great pictures. I spent yesterday with the condor recovery program-it is going to be awesome.
    P.S. got to love those banana slugs!

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