It’s been a year since

Such a nice day.

The weather was perfect and we saw the harbor seal pups playing around in the shallow water so we just sat around and watched them play for like an hour…  I’m so mad I didn’t bring my camera, I missed some good kodak moments.. boo.

I heard a rumor that it’s snowing in Tokyo! What the.

Thinking about how nice it is, and how spring is here, I realised that exactly a year ago yesterday, (4/15) I left for Alaska! It’s been one year since I went.  I think I’ve been appreciating the warm weather much more this year because I didn’t really experience any hot California weather last year.

Although, I do… I reaally do miss Alaska… such awesome experience.

I feel like my time in Alaska was SOO long ago. Almost like a fairy tale or something, or a dream I woke up from.

I miss the rush of constant excitement and being in a completely new environment.

Don’t worry, no plan to fly to the other side of Earth again… not just yet:p



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