chowder collie

After volunteering today,  I was STARVING,  and was craving clam chowder. Surprising that my mind still connects Monterey to clam chowder even after volunteering there for almost 2 years without eating clam chowder every time I go. Anyways, I really didn’t feel like spending $8 on a small bowl of clam chowder, so I decided to make a huge pot of it for ~$15 bucks.

I was super hungry so I was moving super fast when I made it, and I really didn’t want to stop to look at a recipe or find a good one etc. so I totally adlibed it. I put leek in it cuz i felt like it, and I just eyeballed everything else… even after all that, it turned out SUPER good for my first clam chowder! Woot!

Then I got stuffed, and exhausted from the hours of driving, I had no energy to do anything else.

I was also thinking about going to my friend steve’s gf’s art gallery which I helped out on Monday but I couldn’t make it..:( I hope it went well.

I helped out making the buttons, but I have no idea how it was displayed so I kinda wanted to see. making buttons are pretty fun.

.. also,,,, kinda ashamed to announce this, but I tried the double down sandwich…>_<

I’m not even gonna make excuses. Yep I’m a fatty. Anyways, it was not as good at it looks in the picture I posted. It was much smaller, and very salty, and… it’s white meat so not as juicy as I wanted. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. especially for $5just for the sandwich.  Might as well get other combo meals.

I only had 1/4 of it! I promise..


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