Chinese Wisteria

A while ago I started being interested in Moss gardens, and when i told my tuna boss about it he gave me a bunch of seeds that kind of got me interested in Bonsai. Theres a bunch of seeds, but When I went to the San Francisco Flower and Garden show, I saw a bunch of bonsai exhibits and one of the most pretty ones were the Chinese Wysteria trees.

My boss gave me two of the wysteria seeds, but then I thought.. hey, I have a chinese wysteria tree in my back yard, maybe I can find a seed. And kind of to my surprise, I found two. So I decided to experiment with those first so I don’t kill the ones my boss gave me.

My boss told me that I may have to freeze it first to let it experience “winter” but I tried soaking it in water to see if anything happens, and on like the third day, it started sprouting! I didn’t expect it to be so easy so kinda excited. the sprout grew to about 1 cm in a few days so I found it a new home. Looking forward to its growth.. Supposedly, the bonsai in the first picture is like 15 years(?) old.. So it’s supposed to take a loong time to grow and turn into a pretty bonsai. So we’ll see if I can keep it alive for that long..

BTW is it spelled Wisteria or wysteria?




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