Pinnacles fun

Still trying to figure out how this blog works, and as the next step I changed the header picture to one of my own. The previous picture was bunch of books stacked up, and i dun really read books, so I think this one is more ‘me’.

I took this picture last week at the Pinnacles national monument. I went hiking with my supervisor from a while ago, and I still see her from now and then.
Always fun hanging out wit someone that appreciates wildlife as much as I do.
This was the first time I’ve been to the pinnacles, even though I used to live in Hollister which is much more closer to there than from here in San Jose.
The landscape is so different from any other trails up here, because the rocks were formed by volcanic activities, and I think the land moved from down South by plate techtonics. I’m probably doing a bad job at explaining, but the point is, it was Beautiful!!

Along with that, there are caves you can go through which requires a flashlight, and many secret passageways, and some climbing spots etc.. which makes this place adventurous and fun. If you haven’t been there, you should go! It’s worth the drive!


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