Baby boom

They had more than 2! and another set of families. Looks like they’re babysitting eachother’s chicks. Didn’t know they do that.

 I think saw an umby on this one.

Excited for new opportunities:)


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Harbor seals and I aren’t the only ones that likes the secluded Hopkins property where there are no tourists around.

I’ve seen the  canada goose pair around from now and then, but it looks like they had an addition to the family.

Not like we need any more of them around, but it would be fun to watch them grow:)

What a gorgeous day.

dry cleaners

I just went to the dry cleaners to pick up my dress, and nobody was there.
I kept on ringing the bell, which apparently was there for no reason, called the number, which just rang the phone in the room and made the cockatiel sing.

Then just as I was about to leave a note and leave, a lady walked in and started helping me.

I nicely said “i was about to leave you a note” , and then she says ” our customers know that we’re next door (at the liquor shop) when were not here.” of course, no apology for making me wait so long.

…. Wait, I’m not your customer?  funny people.

This guy surpises me too!!~2 wk old

so many banana slugs

Lazy sunday.

Slept for about 10 hours, sipping on my second cup of cofee, and eating cookies.

AND I don’t feel a bit guilty about it today because I went hiking two days in a row:)

Yesterday I went on a 6 mile semi reunion hike with friends I met in Alaska@ the university I went to.

On the way to the trail, we walked across the school. The school changed quite a bit and it made me feel super old! It was definitely a weird feeling walking on the campus where I spent close to 5 years of my life at, with the people that I spent my Alaskan experience with.

Hike was good, lots of climbing, lots of banana slugs (we saw like a hundred), and lots of poison oak. I got paranoid but it looks like I’m clear. whew!

Halley’s internship is almost over here, and saying bye reminded me of the feeling I had when I left Alaska and had to say bye to everyone. That bittersweet feeling.  So glad  she happened to come to California, and we got to hang out again:) So glad I went to Alaska for my internship.  Have fun in Alaska again Halley!!




chimiFridays are always fun, but today was awesome.

After tuna time, I went to Carmel Valley for some DELICIOUS food at “Baja Cantina”

The food was so good, and the place is so cute. I would totally go back there, too bad I don’t go to the area too often.
Huge benefit of having friends that know the area.

Then we went to Garland Ranch, and Alex taught me how to catch lizards.

We were going to catch toads too, and perhaps have one live next to my fish at home but the river had more water than expected because of the rain we had earlier this week.  Next time:)

But now I can catch lizards! Super exciting.

This is how it’s done.

and before we left.. I wanted to see how the harborseals were doing so went over, and this time with a camera.

Warning, this picture might be too cute for your eyes..


Having more than one interest/goal/value is essential for your sanity, but not half-assing any of it is difficult.

I still need a name for this blog. hmm.